Kerryn King


Kerryn King’s last professional career was as a senior consultant with Hill and Knowlton, an international public relations firm. He spent 10 years with Hill and Knowlton in New York, gaining the position as senior vice president in 1952. At the time of his death, King was also the president of the Foundation for Public Relations Research and Education. King was also a past president of the Public Relations Society of America in 1979. King worked as a senior vice president in marketing of Texaco Inc. He first began working as a member of the board of directors for Caltex Petroleum Corporation in 1961.He has served on boards for the Metropolitan Opera Association, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and the Eye Bank for Sight Restoration. King graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1939 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism.  King died in 1986 after fighting a long-term battle with cancer.