John Paluszek

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John Paluszek currently serves as senior counsel at Ketchum.  His area of expertise is counseling clients in corporate social responsibility, a subsection of public relations that he has practiced and promoted throughout his career. Paluszek began his career as a business magazine editor for McGraw-Hill Publishing Company where he edited three different publications. Five years later, he began working at a small public relations firm in New York. Eleven years later, he was director of the public relations department at a mid-sized advertising-public relations firm. In 1971, Paluszek opened his own public relations firm, Paluszek & Leslie Associations, a firm that assisted clients with corporate social responsibility. In 1982, Ketchum acquired the firm and Paluszek became the director of the New York and Washington offices. He served in that position for three years. In 1989,

Paluszek served as the Public Relations Society of America president and was subsequently named Public Relations Professional of the Year by Public Relations News. Paluszek is an advocate for public relations education. In 1999, he was co-chairman of the Commission on Public Relations Education, where the commission produced “A Port of Entry,” a curriculum for public relations education at the college and university level. Paluszek is the author of four books, including two books about corporate social responsibility and a memoir. He attended Manhattan College in New York City, and later served on the college’s board of trustees from 1989-2001.